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    Fantastic! Thanks for posting!

    Rob Faludi

    This code has been updated with SuperTweet to version 2.17 and is currently available here. We’ll work on updating the instructions for the XPort version of the leaf board as well.

    Note that the upcoming version of the kit will use the Wiznet Ethernet module and that different code will apply to that version (though it will also support OAUTH).


    Great, thanks :-).


    Hi Rob, I am a bit confused. You have four different kits

    * new Botanicalls Kit Sparkfun with WIZ811MJ Ethernet


    * Botanicalls XPort Leaf Kit

    leaf PCB with XPort, distributed by ThinkGeek, Maker Shed, Adafruit, Etsy, 2008-2010

    * Botanicalls DIY Kit 1.0

    Arduino + XPort & Protoshields, distributed by Adafruit in 2008

    * Botanicalls Twitter DIY

    DIY Instructions, published February 2008

    Think for the new version the code is

    Can I use for Botanicalls XPort Leaf Kit (2008-2010)? I’m asking this because you wrote “We’ll work on updating the instructions for the XPort version of the leaf board as well.” Or does the “to do” refer to the instructions only, and the code (v2.17) is already done?

    Rob Faludi

    Yes you can use v2.17_OAUTH code on that original leaf board. You’re good to go. The “to do” is for instructions only.


    So I just received the botanicalls v2.2 kit. All worked when I put it together with the preprogramming. However, I still can’t upload the version 2.17 codes no matter how many times I press reset then upload with the recommended timing. I had some luck uploading when I changed the board to Arduion Duemilanove or Nano w/ ATmega328. But when it uploads the red led stays on for quite some time goes off for a second then back on for a long period of time. I get no responses when i press the test button to twitter and have checked my supertweet password and activation about 1000 times. any suggestions?

    Rob Faludi

    The current version of the code is 3.01. Download it from the code site. Any version older than 3.00 won’t work with the current kit.


    My leaf just died. Had problems communicating with the board and now the TX light on my SparkFun remains on. Leaf dead, FTDI board dead?

    Thank you for the crappy support. I will not purchase any sparkfun projects in the future.

    Very disappointing!

    Rob Faludi

    In what way did the leaf board die? And is the issue with the light on the FTDI board or the Botanicalls board?


    I just want to confirm that the “old” leaf is running with smoothly and updating is possible and working: :-))

    Many thanks to maathieu! Without the detailed instruction in this thread it would have been much more difficult and time-killing!!

    Some corrections and advices:

    – Take v2.17 not v2.15, it’s the adapted and updated version, so you have to do less adjustments in the code.

    – Be aware of the other FTDI cable direction for the old vs. new kit while hooking up the cable, do not follow the Link “Customize” in maathieu’s posting, it refers NOW to the new leaf, use the old manual under Seems that the direction has changed: New kit black cable to the bifacial foliate, old kit: green! Double check the “blk” mark on your board!

    – I had problems uploading the code to IO Board, seems you have to press first reset on the leaf and then start the upload (order is a bit confusing in the other posting above ;-).

    – Had also some problems with right COM port initially. Played around some time so it worked. Can not remember what the problem solved in the end – did updating some days before writing this. ;-)


    I had a fun time getting to work today with SuperTweet. Turns out the 1.0 Twitter API has been deprecated and SuperTweet has completely dropped support. However, the upgrade to 1.1 one is quite easy:

    BotanicallsTwitter.pde, LOC 63:
    #define HTTPPATH “/1/statuses/update.xml”

    #define HTTPPATH “/1.1/statuses/update.json”

    Everything else should remain the same.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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