Kits: Getting Started

Before you get started assembling your kit, check to make sure that you have everything you need.

System requirements:

  • Ethernet connection with Internet service (10BaseT or 100Base-T with DHCP addressing)
  • 100-240V a/c power outlet (50/60Hz)
  • A houseplant with soil at least 3″ deep


(1) leaf PCB
(2) 22pF capacitors
(2) 22pF capacitors
(1) 10µF capacitor
(1) 10µF capacitor
(1) 100µF capacitor
(1) 100µF capacitor
(1) ATMEGA368 microcontroller
(1) ATMEGA368
(1) 3.3V regulator
(1) 3.3V regulator
(1) power jack
(1) power jack

(1) 6-pin Male Header

(2) 20-pin female sockets

(2) LEDs
1) 2N3904 transistor

(1) 16MHz crystal

(1) 10K ohm resistor

(2) 220 ohm resistors

(2) 100 ohm resistors

(2) tactile switches

(1) WIZ811MJ Ethernet

(1) terminal block

(1) 28-pin IC socket

(2) 7″ steel probes

(2) 4″ cable ties

(1) 0.1µF capacitor

(1) 5V DC poweradaptor

(1) 3-pin header w/ jumper

The 5V DC power adapter included in the kit is rated for 120V/220V, so it’s appropriate for use worldwide. You may of course need a plug adapter to match your region’s sockets.

You’ll also need:

a soldering iron
needle nose pliers
ethernet cable
small snips
flat-head screwdriver
masking tape


If you’d like, you can use helping hands or a (small work vice like the PanaVise Junior 201). However these are not required – you can assemble the whole kit on a flat work surface.

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