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Rob, here’s is what I am running with:

– I’m using Botanicalls V3.01 “customize” codebase from here:

– I have replaced the Twitter token with one I have generated (but also tested with your “@Botanicallstest” token

– I have also updated some of the associated libraries (e.g., EthernetDHCP, EEProm, TrueRandom) to work with IDE 1.0 (e.g., replaced references to “Wiring.h”, “String.h” and “WProgram.h” with “Arduino.h”)

– Complies cleanly with Arduino 1.01 (and 1.0 as well)

– Both Twitter Library and Ethernet Library samples work fine..I am able to set and get DHCP leases and addresses

– As far as I can tell, the code works ok until I pass to Twitter, where I get the HTTP return status of “0” which the docs tell me means it is not actually getting to Twitter’s server. As I said above, I have tried the @botanicallstest and my own token with no success.

Thanks for any insights.

So I’m not sure where things are going wrong…all seems to be working and yet no tweets.

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