Classic Botanicalls: The Phone

Botanicalls: The Plants Have Your Number
The Phone

Call 212.202.8348 to hear more about each of the plants.

Based on sensor information, plants are able to place outgoing phone calls to a nearby telephone and express their needs. All phone calls are coordinated by Digium’s Asterisk, an open-source telephone system.

When a plant’s microcontroller determines that the plant needs to make a phone call, it contacts a PHP script with the plant’s ID number and type of need. PHP then packages this information and passes it on to Asterisk which generates the call. When the call is placed, an audio file in played in the voice of the plant expressing its need.

Current call types are as follows:

In addition to the outgoing call system, you can call in and be connected to the plants to learn more about them. Call 212.202.8348 and choose a plant.

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