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Check out the forums where Botanicalls users can post information about their plants, code and/or hardware modifications, questions or just discuss the whole business of getting plants online and seeing what they have to say! Sharing the plants & the software & hardware supports the project! We want to hear from you!

Your Plant and Everyone’s Plants

Now that you’ve got your plant online you’re ready to share its updates with friends and follow other plants that are online! Let’s see what these guys are collectively saying. Follow each other’s Botanicalls plants on Twitter.

Photos of Your Botanicalls Plants — Flickr

We’d love to see your unique Botanicalls plants. If you’re a flickr user, please tag any photos of your Botanicalls plants “Botanicalls”. These will show up on the updated feed on the Botanicalls homepage. You can also click on this feed to check out other Botanicalls-related photos.

Don’t have a Flickr account? You can sign up here.

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